Warranty Policy

Warranty Information

Table of Contents

1. Warranty Information
1.1. Warranty Policy
1.2. Limitation of Warranty
1.3. Disclaimer
1.4. Duration of Warranty

Warranty Registration

1. Warranty Information
(1.1) – Warranty Policy
-SuperSSpeed warrants all products to be defective free in materials and workmanship from the
time of purchase to a specific length of time. If product proves defective, will provide: repair
services or a replacement only to customers who purchased SuperSSpeed products from
authorized agents. An original sales receipt or valid copy of the receipt is required to establish
purchase date and original purchaser to have effective warranty. This limited warranty only
covers repairs or replacements of genuine SuperSSpeed products.
(1.2) – Limitation of Warranty
-SuperSSpeed is not responsible for free repairs or replacements if the product is damaged or
defective due to the following:
. Natural wear and tear
. Product has been repaired or taken apart by unauthorized technicians.
. Damage was caused by inappropriate usage
. Warranty label has been altered, damaged or missing.
. Product serial number does not conform to our original system.
. Product was purchased from unauthorized agents.

(1.3) – Disclaimer
-SuperSSpeed in no event shall be liable for any defect, damage, or data lost occurred during
the delivery of in-warranty products.
-Prior to claiming warranty service, SuperSSpeed recommends that you remove your data from
in-warranty products and have a back up of your data.
-Since SuperSSpeed products are not designed for high-safety applications, it is not
recommended to apply the products in any that may lead to injury or death. SuperSSpeed shall
not be liable for any personal injury or death or any loss or damages to property arising from
such kind of application.
-The warranty provided by SuperSSpeed products is limited to repair and inspect in-warranty
products, restricted of data recovery and back up. SuperSSpeed shall not be liable for any
damages and/or loss of data store in products.
-As stated in this statement, in no event shall SuperSSpeed be responsible or held liable for loss
of data, loss of profit, loss of anticipated savings, or indirect, incidental, or consequential losses
or damages to the extent that those losses or damages can be disclaimed by law.
(3.4)- Duration of Warranty
. Flash Memory Products:
-USB 3.0 Series covered by 3 years limited warranty
. Storage Product
-SSD Series covered by 3 years limited warranty


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